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FOS Services

FOS Services India

India accounts for over 40% of the global BPO market. Five of the top ten BPO destinations globally are in Asia, with India's dominance guaranteeing FOS Services account for over 26% of South Asia's exports. Business process outsourcing and short-term migration are two significant sectors within services. The Indian BPO business doubled in size last year, reaching $6.3 billion, and is expected to increase at a rate of 37 percent annually over the next five years. Large international corporations have signed multimillion-dollar, long-term BPO contracts with reputable Indian outsourcing service providers, demonstrating their rising confidence in call center outsourcing and India as an outsourcing hub.

The days when simple advertising on TV or in the newspaper could reach clients are long gone. The obstacles of reaching out to potential consumers are becoming increasingly complex. Our publications have vanished. It's more about being relevant and making an impression at the time of sale in marketing. The costs of reaching out to such clients have been rising, and a significant portion of a company's budget goes to promoting and marketing its brands.

A FOS services team visits individual establishments to arrange items and negotiate for better display placement. While most people perform this in-house, there is a growing tendency to outsource such tasks to save money. Value prospect assists businesses in establishing a proactive and responsive Customer Support strategy that yields measurable results. There are many competing goods on the market. Clients may use value prospects to distinguish products and services based on the value propositions given by key product characteristics to various market segments. It also aids in the identification of niche markets when demand outnumbers supply, resulting in higher profit realization.

FOS services in India seeks to enhance sales management, infrastructure 'build and manage,' and customer delivery and support in a quantifiable way. Customer service and sales teams are both customer-facing and may make or destroy a company. Recruiting competent team leaders and members, on the other hand, is rarely enough to get a group off the ground. To manage themselves as well as to be managed successfully, they require the backing of solid processes.


  • App installation
  • Physical KYC / E-KYC
  • Document Collection
  • Survey
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Acquisition

Why Use FOS (Feet on street) Services?

Offshore Outbound FOS (Feet on street) Services

Offshore outbound FOS (Feet on street) Services is one of the essential services offered in Riemen Solution through its highly sophisticated call centers. Riemen's FOS (Feet on street) Services can help you build leads and customer databases and help you find new customers.

When global companies outsource FOS (Feet on street) Services to Riemen Solution, they benefit from significantly lower costs, proven process quality, and access to a trained, computer-literate, college-educated workforce with good presentation and communication skills.

Inbound FOS (Feet on street) Services

Our practice across a variety of industries has provided us with the flexibility to customize our inbound FOS (Feet on street) Service to suit any situation, any business, any industry –

  • Communications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer and Industrial Goods
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Travel & Hospitality
How are outsourcing concerns and cultural differences handled?

Every outsourced FOS (Feet on street) Services campaign is preceded by thorough briefing and intensive audio and video-based training. Our agents and managers are familiar with the product, the accents, and the environment within which they're operating to confirm the success of the FOS (Feet on street) Services campaign.

Customers also are given secure view-in and listen-in options which give the additional benefit of transparency and internal control. Expand Your Business to a Dream Country through Tele calling. If you wish to grow your business and strengthen customer relationships while specializing in core activities, outsource your FOS (Feet on street) Services requirements to India.

Our employees are primarily full-time employees fluent in English; however, we also hire specialists who work with certain ethnic groups and nations. This gives us the freedom to collaborate with businesses that need to communicate and maintain connections in specific languages. Our FOS Services in India helped India's leading B2B marketing platform for small and medium companies to improve customer service and user experience. Users will believe that the product was created for their language, culture, and requirements if language-based localization is done effectively. If you don't thoroughly plan for your target market, you might lose a lot of money. Riemen offers a wide range of language-specific information.