Documents Guidelines
  • Email ID and a Contactnumber
  • GST Copy
  • Bank account details
  • Cancel Cheque Copy
  • Digital signature on white paper
  • Address proof copy (aadhar card/light bill/bank passbook/telephone bill/credit card statement/passport)
  • Trademark certificate (if you are manufacture)
  • 180 days and at least 10 unit of product is mentioned.
Documents Guidelines Image Guidelines
  • Image size: Images should be at least 1000 pixels in either width or height. Amazon recommends 2560 pixels wide.
  • Image frame: The product should fill 85% of the frame.
  • Background color: ALL product photos should have a pure white background.
  • File format: You can upload JPEG, PNG, GIF or TIFF files.
  • 4 image required from each side of product.

Amazon Fees/Payment structure


  • Account setup and documentation – 2000/- INR
  • Listings – 750/- (Capping 25 SKUs, 30/- Per SKU after 25 SKUs )
  • Catalogue – 2500/- (Capping 25 SKUs, 100/- Per SKU after 25 SKUs)
  • Listings optimization with keywords – 1000/- Per month Per keyword
  • Story telling/info graphic images – 1000/- Per image
  • Promotional ads with strategies – 2000/- Per advertisement excluding budget amount
  • Coupons – 1000/- Per coupon
  • Product reviews – 1000/- Per review
  • Key account management – 5000/- Per account per month
  • Account reinstatement(reactivation) -5000/- (3 POA)

Terms & Condition

  • All documents should be as per guideline.
  • Riemen shall not be responsible for any document tempering.
  • If document will be incomplete, payment shall not be refunded.
  • At the time of registration mobile & email verification must be required.
  • If any account will be suspended/deactivated due to relation with any old account with same documentation, will not be responsibility of riemen, payment shall not be refunded.
  • Client/seller will has to give all the details, which are required to setup account, if any details will be missing and will not provided in give TAT, is not responsibility of riemen and payment shall not be refundable.
  • TAT of account setup is 7 days and may vary according to relevant marketplace’s guideline.
  • For listing all product details should be given by client in desired format as per market place’s guideline.
  • For catalog all product details should be given by client as per market place’s guideline.
  • All content like image, title, bullet point, description, features should be given by seller according to the relevant market place’s guidelines.
  • If any details will be missing and not given in define TAT or as per guideline will not be responsibility of riemen , payment shall not be refunded.
  • If any product will goes inactive or suppressed due to lake of information as per guideline of related market place, will not be responsibility of riemen , payment shall not be refunded.
  • To list product listing/catalog, seller/client has all required legal document like purchase invoice/trade mark/Fassai certificate etc if due to lake of above documents will not be responsibility of riemen , payment shall not be refunded.
  • If related market place does not allow to make listing to client/seller account due to any reason will not be responsibility of riemen , payment shall not be refunded.
  • SKUs define as stock keeping unit, which are verity of products.
  • Keywords will be suggested by seller.
  • Product visibility is depend on keyword optimization but is no guarantee of sale.
  • Product image and storytelling information will be provided by seller.
  • Promotional Ads define as paid Ads, called PPC, budget for Ads will be spent by seller.
  • Strategy to run promotional Ads will be share to seller/client by riemen, if seller/client will be agree on the strategy then applied.
  • Value of coupons will be spent by seller and will be decided by seller.
  • Order information will be given by riemen to seller and ask for processing.
  • Inventory will be managed by riemen according to seller input.
  • Dispute of claim handling will be submitted by riemen but final decision of approval or rejection dependent on related market place, in both situations Riemen will not be responsible.
  • All the information related to the payments will be delivered to seller/client by Riemen according to the market place.
  • In any situation last decision will be considered as a final decision by the market place only, Riemen will not interfere in the market place decision.
  • The fee is applicable only for plan of action not for guaranteed reactivation.
  • Three POA will be shared for the suspension reason by Riemen to client/seller.

Seller /client will have to share Amazon directly Riemen will not responsible for activation or not activation